After many years of working in a corporate trucking company and seeing first hand the unprofessional installation methods, poor customer service and countless unhappy customers, our founder James Esch established Inov8 Installs LLC. James has many core values that created a solid reputation with drivers and fleet managers over the years but the main goal is to always provide 1st time quality and 1st time satisfaction to every customer. If the customer isn't happy, neither is he. This was the foundation Inov8 Installs was built on.

Recognizing the problem in the installation industry for trucks and fleet vehicles is easy. One of the main problems is the number of trucks and fleet vehicles far outweighing the amount of highly trained and knowledgeable installation technicians. This left drivers and fleet managers only one option, to settle for moderate to poor installs done by mechanics who most likely just got done with a brake job and is now responsible for working on or installing your telematic device. This mechanic is likely not properly trained and most certainly does not specialize in telematics.

With the core values possessed by Inov8 Installs and simple mindset of always providing 1st time quality and 1st time satisfaction to every customer, creating and providing a solution is going to be easy.

To provide a solution to this problem, Inov8 Installs only specializes in telematics and nothing else. Each technician is trained and educated on proper installation techniques as well as important vehicle information. We always deliver high quality, Inov8ive installation providing years of service without breaking the bank. Inov8 Installs offers mobile installation and service to Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Get it done right the 1st time, get it done by Inov8 Installs LLC!

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